Custom Surfboard Shaper: Mike Slingerland

Mike Slingerland has been shaping surfboards since forever.
He shapes a lot of the beautiful surfboards you see at Surfy Surfy.
He is also our go to guru for special projects.
If you can’t find what you need off in the rack in the world visit Surfy Surfy and we will write up a custom order card and have Slingerland shape it.
It’s a win win win!

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  • Tim Orr - Pure Life Surfboards Hawaii
    February 10, 2014

    Dedicated Artisan of the craft.
    Much foam shaped & beautifully transformed with those hands.
    I have one sweet 70’s Surfboards Hawaii pintail gun in the collection that was shaped by him.
    Blessings Mike, for many more years of stylish Craftsmanship!
    Aloha Monday

  • Anonymous
    February 21, 2014

    I’ve had 9 or 10 new boards since I started surfing 30 years ago, and I always go back to my 5’11” Slingerland, it’s in the middle of the road of twins and thrusters, i’ts beautifully shaped, pure fun!!
    Congratulations to Mr Slingerland for his art. Greetings from Mazatlán. México. Beto Osuna.

  • Jerry
    October 4, 2021

    I read that Mike Slingerland can shape an original Surfboardhawaii Nose Rider. Is that correct

    • Surfy Surfy
      October 6, 2021

      Yes, that is true. Not sure if he still has the license and logos anymore though.

  • Dave M
    April 16, 2022

    I surfed for 33 years before moving to the Midwest. I lived in NC and bought a 7’6′ Slingerland shaped pintail Surfboards Hawaii through Whalebone Junction that was a fantastic board. Of 5 boards I had at the time it was the most borrowed by friends. The long FU fin box made it so adjustable for conditions and the slight double concave on each side in the tail gave the board so much thrust. I had it shipped to me in for an epic trip to California and Baja back in the 70s’ . Blacks Beach at triple overhead+ was a dream on that board. It saw about 10 breaks from Trestles all the way to K55. I wish I’d never sold it . I only have a single board left in my late 60s and of the couple dozen I had owned the Slingerland is the one I wish I still owned. If I ever take to surfing again and move back to a coast I’ll have to contact you. Mikes work is the best.