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Cosmic Rainbow Quad Fish

6’0″ Rainbow Speedialer

5’10” Rainbow Speedialer

5’8″ Rainbow Speedialer

Surfy Surfy has a new batch of Rainbow Surfboards.
Shaped from the original scan off Rich Pavel’s famous Speedialer quad fish (known as the “Quan” under the Rainbow label). Pre-cuts finished off by Steve Clark.
1st quality glassing and materials by Moonlight Glassing.
Nice and light 4oz s-cloth/4oz volan combo decks. Radical airbrushes framed by tight pinlines by Peter St Pierre.
FCS Fusion fin system (we are using custom FCS quad sets by Jack Jensen in ours).
Gloss and polish!
New Fish in stock online


John Frasier and Mike Hynson of Rainbow Surfboards. Hynson lived and shaped in the building Surfy Surfy Surf Shop currently occupies back in the 1960s
Hynson was stoked to see that the avocado tree behind our building was still alive and producing avos 40 years later.
Moonlight Glassing is doing a run of classic Hynson single fins for the Rainbow Surfboard label.

All the boards are handshaped by Mike Hynson himself and some feature nice glass-on fins.

It’s always cool when boards get Gary Stuber resin tints and Peter St Pierre pinlines and stuff.

Look for surfboards by Mike Hynson in Surfy Surfy Surf Shop this summer!

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