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Avery Hanel Charity Frog Bonzer

Surfy Special: The Frog Master is donating this lightly ridden 6’8″ Campbell Bros 5 fin e-wing Bonzer egg to sell for the Avery Hanel fund.
3 year old Avery Hanel has a rare case of Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia. 
6’8″ x 21 1/4″ x 2 11/16″
FCS side runners, includes fins.
Covered in 1980’s Moonlight Glassing Frog logos.
Previously ridden used board, very light deck dents. 
call or text 760-452-7687
*available online: clicky clicky 

6’6″ E-Wing Bonzer Egg with Fin Boxes

Campbell Brothers Bonzer Eggs are some the best surfboards ever. 

Incorporating the Max McDonald Elevated Wing for high level performance. 

Fin boxes has made travel easier for the Bonzer enthusiast. 

Shown: FCS Bonzer siderunners and FCS Fusion system. 

Shown: True Ames Bonzer 6.5″ fin in classic Bahne center box. 
People often ask if they can ride an FCS Bonzer as a quad. The answer is NO. It’s a 5 fin Bonzer. 
6’6″ X 20 1/2″ X 2 5/8″

Campbell Brothers e-wing 5 fin Bonzer egg
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell in Oxnard, California
Built at Moonlight Glassing in San Marcos, California
Resin tint w/deck patch. Fine wetsand gloss finish (not shiny).
FCS Fusion fin system w/FCS Bonzer siderunner fins: clicky
Ride with 6.5″ or 7″ True Ames center Bonzer fin: clicky
Plant your back foot in line with the e-wing and be astonished by this high performance vehicle.
Available at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in Leucadia, California
Or, via our fancy online store: clicky clicky
*this board includes all 5 fins ($150 value)
Surfy online store Bonzer Finventory: clicky

Surfy Soul Team rider Jeff Nelson jamming on a Bonzer5 egg. 

6’2″ Stock Campbell Brothers Bonzer3 Bumblebee model

Malcolm Campbell 1973

Duncan Campbell 1978

6’2″ X 21″ X 2 5/8″
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell for Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.
Nice resin tint w/rear foot patch.
Pinline, wetsanded gloss finish (not shiny)
Glass-on Bonzer siderunners. Ride with 7″ Bonzer center fin (included – not shown)
The 3 fin Bonzer Bumblebee is a staple of the Surfy’verse quiver.
Malcolm says,
The Bumblebee is a replica of one of the shapes that Duncan and I rode between 1973 and 1978. It is designed to be ridden shorter than the average board. It has a wide arc tail, about 9 1/4″ to 10 1/4″ from corner to corner. Most people ride them the same size you would ride a “fish”. The Bumblebee rides equally well frontside and backside. It is very fast and works in a wide variety of waves.
Purchase online: clicky clicky 
*we pack and ship surfboards domestic and internationally.
Contact for a shipping rate quote

Malcolm Campbell Bonzer Shape-a-thon Update 4-21-14

Malcolm Campbell is currently in California shaping stock and custom Bonzers.

Soon he is leaving his humble shaping abode in Oxnard, CA and heading across ‘the pond’ to rendezvous with the UWL boys in France and Guy Penwarden and the crew at Laminations in Cornwall, England.

He will be shaping at UWL from May 2nd to May 14th.
England from May 16th to the 30th.

Then heading to Portugal around June 18th to work with Manila at MSD Surfboards.

Surfy Surfy will continue to take in custom orders (with $250 deposits) for Malcolm’s return to California in early July. Contact or PayPal deposits to

If you currently have a Bonzer on order, rest assured it is in production and in good hands.

Surfy Surfy will have limited Bonzer stock available this summer. If you see a Bonzer for sale in your wheelhouse don’t hesitate to pick it up.

The quiet revolution continues…

Bonzer Vehicles “Be Mindfull” tee: click here
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