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5’8″ Lotus Fish

5’8′ x 21 1/4″ X 2 5/8″
Handshaped by Gary Hanel in Leucadia, California.
GH’s performance twin keel Fish is a must have for the alternative surfboard enthusiast.
Bamboo glass-on “Lowboy” fins for release and shreddyness.
Fine airbrushing by Peter St Pierre
Available via our fancy online store: clicky clicky
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5’10” Blue Lotus Fish

5’10” x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
The Gary Hanel twin keel Fish returns to Surfy Surfy!
Classic San Diego Fish outline with GH’s performance rails.
Featuring glass-on Lowboy template bamboo fins by Elliot of his new start up, Teleost Fins.
Airbrush work by the color master, Peter St Pierre.
This board is available via the Surfy Surfy online store:
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Surfy Stock Wing Pin Single Fins Lineup

Our new Surfy Surfy Single Fins are in! 

Inspired by my 1979 Wayne Lynch (left) gifted to me by Steve from the Central Shaft blog, I commissioned our local guru Mike Slingerland to shape us some new wing pin single fins. 35 years later airbrushed by the same man, Peter St Pierre.

The bottom is fairly simple for a neutral, easy going and natural ride. 

Airbrushes and custom logo by Peter St Pierre 

I’m supplying these boards with the Tudor Island Fin by Fins Unlimited. 

7’6″ Surfy Single Fin *SOLD*
7’2″ Surfy Single Fin
7’0″ Surfy Single Fin *SOLD*
6’10” Surfy Single Fin
6’6″ Surfy Single Fin
6’4″ Surfy Single Fin*SOLD*
We ship surfboards from California domestic and internationally.
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30 year old Wayne Lynch Rip Curl Moonlight Surfboard shaped by Dan Van Zanten

I couldn’t resist and bought this old thruster off Craigslist for $40 bucks.
Built in the early days of Moonlight Glassing.
Airbrush by Peter St Pierre.
Freestyle center box which was pretty standard back then.
Side fins were made by Greg Mungall.
Moonlight made a lot of surfboards for Rip Curl with Wayne Lynch designs which were shaped by Bill Shrosbree, Gary Hanel and Dan Van Zanten of Penguin Surfboards.
5’8″ x wide x chunky