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It’s a Thumb!

The Thumb is the most surfy surfboard in the universe. Originally created as a single fin in the 1970’s by Peter St Pierre, the Thumb is a Cheater 5 noseriding machine. Now powered up with the Campbell Brothers Bonzer5 system you can lay it on a rail and really surf it up.
An odd looking board fer shure, but not a gimmick. Only the serious and committed should apply.
This one is 5’11” x ? x ?. 5/4 oz glassing. Airbrushed by the creator. Polished gloss. For sale.
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The Finless Thumb

Finless Thumb. Why? ummm…why not. This is the board we had in our booth at Sacred Craft.
The Finless Thumb adopts both the Augha channel and Microgrooves. Finless Augha boards had a cult following in the 70’s, they even made a whole surf movie about them. Microgrooves are one of my Dad’s wacky inventions, also from the 70’s. The Microgrooves make single fins surf more positive. He did hundreds of Microgrooves on single fin Sunset Surfboards back in the day.
Will it work? We don’t know. We do know that it will float and catch waves and that is half the battle.
The Finless Thumb is designed to go straight really fast. If you see someone paddling into a wave in front of you please get out of the way so nobody gets hurt.
The deck view kinda shows the rails which is a mix of boxy and blended.
This is one of the first boards to get the new Surfy Surfy laminates.
The super duper pointy tail keeps you locked in on the nose.
Gotta love the Thumb, fins or no fins.
We enlisted DK to shape us the Finless Thumb. Note the original Thumb in the corner of the room. DK did not know this is what we wanted when he arrived at the factory ha-ha.

How does it ride? We don’t know, we haven’t even waxed it yet.
Who is going to surf it? That wacky crew of young hipster rippers are going to borrow it this week.
Can I ride it? Yes. Get on the list.
Is it for sale? No.
Can I order a Finless Thumb? Let’s find out if it works first, so probably not.
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