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Ed Wright Surfboards

We had local legend Ed Wright shape us up three nice longboards.
Ed founded Sunset Surfboards Surf Shop in Encinitas back in the 1960’s which served as the inspiration for Surfy Surfy.
Ed used the US Blanks Y Red with dual 1/8″ flared stringers.
Not nose riders, Ed designed these to trim and glide and power down the line. 2+1 setup. I saw him surfing his well and knew it was something we should stock in the shop.
Resin tint bottoms, All glassing, sanding, pinlines and gloss and polish by the original Sunset factory crew which became Moonlight Glassing in 1979.
 9’2″, 9’4″, 9’6″
 (more photos and dims to be updated soon)

Blue Blue Gil

6’2″ Blue Gil shaped by Jon Wegener.
Snazzy ice blue resin tint by Gary Stuber at Moonlight Glassing.
The Blue Gil is a foam and fiberglass cheater Alaia with small nubby twin fins.
These things are super fun. I rode one for the first time at the Paipo Stoke Fest last September.
It’s pretty amazing, easier to surf than you think (at least for me, frontside. Backside was a challenge). Fast, trimmy, groovy and it’s fulfilling when it breaks loose into a controlled slide and then reconnects.
This is a stock board at Surfy Surfy, come check it out.

9’2″ Staff of Ra

9’2″ Model M noserider, handshaped by Mike Slingerland.
Classy 3 stringer with super groovy custom resin inlay nose and tail blocks.

FCS Fusion sidebites. Resin color deck inlay. Snazzy pinline
Nose concave, easy going smooth rails and rocker and 2+1 setup for all your surfy needs.

9’2″ x 22 7/8″ x 3″

Proper use will unlock the secrets of the ancients.
Available via our online store: click me