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R.I.P. Terry Martin

Terry Martin 1937-2012

There will be a memorial service for Terry on Friday, May 18th at 6:30 PM at Capo Beach Calvary in Capistrano Beach, please join us to say goodbye to our beloved Terry. Your prayers for Candy, David, Josh and Johanna are greatly appreciated at this time.

On Sunday, May 20th from 5-9 PM at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point we will celebrate Terry’s life and his legacy at The Terry Martin Project event,” A Body of Work From Wood to Foam”. This event is a LIVE and silent auction fundraiser hosted by the Sport of Kings Foundation that will provide support to the Martin Family.

Terry Martin Project

RIP TK from Bros

Sad email:

Hello, my name is Gaku (a friend of TK = Takashi Kusama, owner of BROS Surf & Sports in Japan) writing this message from Japan.

This is really sudden news to tell.

TK suddenly died Aug 12 by brain hemorrhage (bleeding in the

brain) as of age 49.

Can’t believe but this is true, and no one can give a word to this.

Funeral is scheduled on Aug 18 in Shizuoka, Japan.

*TK was a huge supporter of Mike Slingerland, Moonlight Glassing and Surfy Surfy.

We will miss him and offer our condolences to TK’s family and friends.