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And then there was one,

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Last week we started out with 4 stock Mandala surfboards and are now down to this final one.

This board was handshaped (no shaping machine) out of a King Mac blank by Manuel Caro in San Francisco exclusively for our shop. It features a tapered stringer which gives the board a nice springy flex out of bottom turns.

The Lokbox fin system is adjustable 1/2″ forward and back so you can dial in your set of AK4’s by Rainbow Fin Co. just the way you like it. Note the tapered stringer.

The forward fins are single foiled and the rear fins are double foiled. There is chocolate in my peanut butter.

Airbrushed and pinlined by Peter St Pierre.

The official Mandala Surfboards logo.

This board looks lonely. It needs a good home.

Shaper Manuel Caro always measures twice. Photo by the lovely Maggie Marsek.

From the modern rocker, crisply foiled rails, adjustable fin system and custom blank, this is NOT a retro surfboard. This is the 21st century baby.

5’11” length
20 1/2″ width
2 1/2″ thick
Glassing 6+4 deck 4 bottom

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Bonus: The Mollusk surf shop website has a videos section with a nice feature on Mani. link