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Roots ’72

Duncan Campbell doing multi-fin/concave R&D in 1972. Surfy Surfy Online Store!

Little Light Vehicle

5'6" x 21 1/4" x 2 9/16"Bonzer3 Light Vehicle.Yew!Surfy Surfy Online Store!

1975 Korn

Malcolm Campbell laying it down on the original Kandy Korn 3 fin Bonzer circa 1975. *Note the powering multi-fin bottom ...

The evolutionary process of Reincarnation

Malcolm Campbell's 40th Year of the Bonzer reincarnation of his personal Candy Corn Kandy Korn board. Portrait of Don Van ...

Surf Knot Slotted

Top photo-Frame grab of Tyler Warren getting slotted on his 5'4" Bonzer in Morocco. Shot reblogged from Surf Knot. Bottom ...

Butter on a Teflon Pan

Russ Short Bonzer cutback...Surfy Surfy Online Store!

Little Rosebud

I had sold this Bonzer 3 Light Vehicle at one point, lucky to get it back. Whew!(*yet another funky iphone ...

This is your new Bonzer Light Vehicle friend,

6'2" x 19 1/8" x 2 3/8"Shaped by Malcolm Campbell. Airbrush by Peter St Pierre. Clean glass-job by Moonlight. Polished ...

How to carve one foot surf,

...ride an original style 3 fin Bonzer.See also New/OldSurfy Surfy Online Store!

New Old

Oxnard Shores ‘72-’73 – Duncan, Malcolm from Campbell Brothers Surfboards on Vimeo.Steve H. is a smart man so he enlisted ...

Another Clean Custom

7'4" custom Russ Short model shaped by Malcolm Campbell for Mark D. Resin tint volan glass-job by Gary Stuber. Sharp ...