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5’5″ Orange Mango

5'5" custom roundnose Light Vehicle Bonzer3 fin for Dylan S. These sweet little boards are stoking out the bros. ...

Moving Forward

Tyler Warren surfing his 5'4" Campbell Brothers Bonzer 3 fin in Morocco. Photo from Surfer MagazinePhoto of the 5'4" BonzerSurfy ...

Circle of Bonzer Friends

6'1" Bonzer3 Light Vehicle. 1977 template refined for the 40th anniversary of the Bonzer surfboard.Surfy Surfy Online Store!

El Bonzerino

Found this photo in a file from 2007. Dims unknown. Sweet board, maybe a repost?Surfy Surfy Online Store!

Five Five Three Fin

5'5" x 21 1/4" x 2 1/2" Bonzer3 Light Vehicle. Nice coke bottle green resin tint. For sale! SOLD!Surfy Surfy ...

Jared and the Mini-Mango-Avocado

Surfy Surfy team rat and recent UCSD graduate Jared Muscat loves this 5'6" Bonzer3 roundnose Light Vehicle. He dubbed it ...

Equus Godhead Bonzer

Friend of Surfy Surfy Mark buys and sells lots of unique vintage surfboards. A couple of years ago he came ...

Clean and Down the Line

Custom 1977 Russ Short model Bonzer 3 fin Light Vehicle shaped for Travis by Malcolm Campbell. 6'5" x 20 ...

Fast and Bulbous Vehicle

6'4" Bonzer3 Light Vehicle. Custom for Lee!Surfy Surfy Online Store!

Bee in the Bag

Stephan Jordan sewed himself up a bag for his custom Bonzer3 Bumblebee. Crafty!Surfy Surfy Online Store!