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Minimalist Quiver wins Korduroy TV Quiver Kontest

Surfy Surfy’s very own Jared Muscat won the staff pick for Korduroy.TV’s Show Us Your Quiver contest.

Jared writes,

I shaped the wooden handplane last summer. I call this plane “Ramona.” It is 22″ x 8 3/4″ x 3/4″ It is my plane for when Beacons is a mushbugger but I still want to catch waves out the back and weave barrels on the very inside. A good friend calls it the longboard handplane.

The swim fins are the classic Churchill Makapuu Fins, I got big ugly feet thanks to my dad and these are the best fit. Just so happen to provide a good kick as well. I am a bit jealous of Pierce Kavanagh who has one of the original sets of Makapuus, the raddest rubber I have ever seen.

The green & white handplane is an Enjoy Handplane Ed Lewis gave to me a couple of weeks back. I tend to leave the handplanes on the shore if the waves have a good amount of size and are hollow, I feel like those are times when all you need are the fins; but that is not often when you live behind Beacons, thus this handplane is currently my daily go-to.

The bicycle is a Puch 27 1/4″ beauty that I lucked into on Craigslist 2 years ago for way less than it is worth. It has ten speeds and I use it daily to get to work, find some fun waves, and grab my farmers market feed. I don’t have a car, so this is my main method of transportation for the moment.

The Bonzer is a Russ Short model shaped by Malcolm Campbell I grabbed from Surfy Surfy last fall right before a run of really good north swell. Bonzers are such incredible boards when you have a wave with some depth and speed, just so dependable in the pocket, where it matters most. The Russ Short is my favorite Bonzer because it is one of the first that they used, with its wide-point forward and 3 fin set up, also Russ Short happened to rip. I like the template because of the way you can utilize foot placement to hold simple lines in the barrel. If this board is in arm the reasoning would be to get barreled a lot, thus it doesn’t go out often.. It is 6’4″ x 20 1/4″ x 2 1/2″

The runner up quiver pick is Michael Fraley’s impressive group of mostly Christenson small wave speedsters. To read about Fraley’s quiver click here.

To see all the quivers visit Korduroy’s photo gallery on the Facebooks.

Jared and the Mini-Mango-Avocado

Surfy Surfy team rat and recent UCSD graduate Jared Muscat loves this 5’6″ Bonzer3 roundnose Light Vehicle. He dubbed it the “mini-mango-avocado”. Now that Jared has finished school he can spend his days sending out his resume speeding around small waves and helping customers on Saturdays at the shop.
Bonzer: 5’6″ x 21 1/4″ x 2 9/16″
Jared: 5’9″ 165 lbs
Surf photo by Ray Orate.