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Surfy Surfy Surfboards

The theme of Surfy Surfy is surfboards, specifically, handcrafted surfboards made by surfers in California.

The core of the “Surfy’verse” is comprised of three key surfboards:

1. The incredible Campbell Brothers Bonzer surfboards shaped by Malcolm Campbell in Oxnard, CA.

2. The user friendly performance modern retro boards from Gary Hanel (GH) handshaped right here in our hometown of Leucadia, California.

3. Special projects and finely foiled longboards by our local guru and underground industry legend Mike Slingerland in Encinitas, California.

*UPDATE: Surfy Surfy is currently not writing custom surfboards orders. Please contact shapers directly. Thank you.

Order Card 2014

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Malcolm & Me

We drove the new shop van up to Oxnard today to pick up shaped blanks from Malcolm Campbell (right) (rare Surfy Selfie: the dork on the left) and wish him well on his International shaping tour.

Surfy Surfy customers, we will continue to take orders and get them in the queue for Malcolm’s return. Existing Bonzer customers need not fret, we will get your board done and into your stoked little hands!

There are currently 500-ish posts with label BONZER on the Surfy Surfy blog.
Campbell Brothers Bonzer Surfboards are the cornerstone of my surfing existence.

Custom Bonzer inquiries email us at

Remember, we now pack and ship surfboards directly from our retail location here in Leucadia, California.

Getting boards from California to the East Coast and Japan is easy, shipping to Europe and Australia from California is very costly, so make sure you take advantage of Malcolm’s tour dates!

Support the Campbell Brothers by wearing their t-shirts:
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Be Mindful tee: clicky
View all Campbell Brothers items on our fancy online store: clicky clicky

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Bonzer Blog Post #404

6’0″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell, one of the most versatile surfboard shapers on Earth.
Built at Moonlight Glassing with 1st quality materials and extras.
5/4 oz s-cloth deck with back foot patch. 5 oz bottom with fin cluster reinforcement patch.
Airbrush, gloss and polish deck and rails, wetsand gloss bottom.
FCS Fusion system and center box for easy travel.
Board includes all 5 fins ($125 value). 
This Bonzer has foam, float and drive for all your Surfy needs. 
This is the 404th blog post labeled “bonzer”
*update-this board is SOLD, thanks!

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