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Global Surf Industries Xeroxes Shawn Ambrose

Screen shot from the Ambrose Surfboards website. Surfer/shaper Shawn Ambrose has been making these parabolic longboards for years and years.

Screen shot of the GSI website. They thought we wouldn’t notice.

Ambrose team rider Steve Benedict on a “Quadzilla” parabolic longboard.

Some GSI dude.

Former FCS employee, novice surfer and GSI owner is Australian Mark Kelly (or “Kel”). In this video he explains how he “designed” the parabolic longboard.

Global Surf Industries (GSI) surfboards are made by low wage non-surfers in the Cobra factory located in Thailand. You can find them for sale in surf shops owned by people who forgot why they started surf shops in the first place.

National Buy Local Day

Today is National Buy Local Day. Be sure to support your local mom&pop surf shops. Please support your local shapers and glassers.

Why Buy Local?

• Local businesses produce more income, jobs, and tax receipts for local communities than big box stores do.
• Local businesses are more likely to utilize local ads, banks and other services.
• Local businesses donate more money to nonprofits and are more accountable to their local communities.
• Supporting local businesses preserves the economic diversity of our communities and the unique character of our neighborhoods.
• Supporting local businesses is good for the environment, because it cuts down on fuel consumption. Buying locally produced goods reduces the need to ship goods from thousands of miles away and also cuts down on the distances shoppers travel.