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The Surfy Surfboard Oil Change and Tune Up Service

Surfy Shop Grom Jared with before and after Surfy Surfboard Oil Change and Tune Up on a 25 year old Sunset kneeboard.

Surfy Surfy Surf Shop offers a nifty surfboard tune up service. Our handy shop groms will change your oil (scrape off that thick yucky black wax that is adding 2 lbs to your board), remove old tailpads, make sure your fins are screwed in properly and assess if you have the correct fins for your needs, clean up the bottom of your board and fix small dings with uv resin. Usually same day turnaround.
Price for this service starts at $20, includes two fresh bars of wax (basecoat and your desired temp).
Prices vary for serious dings or full restorations.
Get 10% off any new fins or traction with this service.
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Craigg’s New/Old Skip Frye

Craigg picked up this early 1990’s Skip Frye up at a garage sale recently. As you can see this board spent many fine hours down at the beach and cooked a severe sun bleached bottom. Craig brought this board into the shop to get some ding repair done. Jimmy Robertson of Lokbox fin system happens to have a ding repair shop so we sent it to him to get fixed up. Jimmy ended doing a nice semi-restoration by re-sanding, re-glossing and re-polishing it. Now it’s all sealed up and ready slide another 20 years.
*On a related note, there is a slightly surreal cover story about getting a Skip Frye surfboard in this week’s San Diego Reader: I Finally Got Skip Frye to Make Me a Surfboard