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AB3 on your TV

I smell soft news!

Shawn Ambrose chills out at the AB3 while the news scroll of fear speeds by underneath.

A face made for radio?

Scratching the SURFace is a nice local show about the San Diego county surf scene but their logo is “a music video nightmare”.

Check it out bros, I was totally on tv (and your internet machine). Dusty Skellet from the show Scratching the SURFace (get it?) came to last month’s Anything But 3 event and did a little deal on it. I’m not embedding the video here because it is on auto-play so you can watch it on or on the San Diego 6 website, click here.

Thanks to Dusty Skellet for taking the time to come to AB3 and produce this segment

Ice-9 Foam Award Results for AB3/Fish Fry 2009

Ice-9 Foam donated a bunch of blanks to be handed out to boardbuilders with stand out boards at the AB3/Fish Fry. This was an informal and friendly competition. A secret panel of three handsome and intelligent judges quietly walked the beach and scoped out all the boards. The judges had a tough job because of the hundreds of extremely high quality boards.

The categories and winners (see photos of winners):

Best in Show
-Dennis Murphy for a special lightweight wood board made out of a recycled water tower. Dennis also wins a berth into the Sacred Craft Shape-Off at the next Del Mar event in Fall ’09.

Best Homebuild/Garage board-This guy Hans Hans Enyedi from Leucadia that nobody has ever heard of before. He made a resin swirl mini-Simmons that was a clean shape, had a tight cutlap and good resin pinline and polish. This was a tough category for shure.

Best Art-Cher Pendarvis for her groovy blue Sunfish art on one of her husband’s Pendo-Flex boards. Another tough category to judge.

Best Glassjob-The judges did not know who glassed this board until after is was chosen. It was an Ian Zamora shape with a stunning multi-colored cross out of resin. Overall it was a tight board and a crowd favorite. Turns out if was glassed by Jimmy Robertson (JJR on this forum) at the Lokbox shop in Oceanside. (*note-Michael Miller from San Diego was a close runner up).

Most Original-Eli Mirandon for his trippy “Porpoise” twin fin. He also paddled out on this board and did an air on it.

Biggest Roach-This category was for the ugliest/funkiest looking board and Eli Mirandon also got this one for the same above board, hee hee.

Best Fin(s)-Daniel Partch for his beautiful marine-ply tri-fin set (oops, “anything but 3”???) with art engravings. On a Michael Miller Frye Eagle inspired board.

Furthest Traveled-Greg Griffin from Hawaii who unfortunately was sick and wasn’t around much during the day. Griffin was in the running for best fins for his tight handfoiled G10 fins.

*To everyone who didn’t win, you still shred and thanks for spending your Sunday at the beach with us.

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Special Thanks to:

Ice-9 Foam
Shawn Ambrose from Real Surf
Destination Surf
The Fish Joint
Musician Joe Wood
Big shout out to “Boston Tony” for helping organize and print the t-shirts.