Black Friday Nov 23 2012

There is this thing called “Black Friday” where everyone is supposed to max out their credit cards for early Christmas shopping.

We suggest you attend your Black Friday at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop and gorge yourself on Bro Deals galore!

Sure, you could camp out at Wal*Mart and score yourself a cheap plasma television, but at Surfy Surfy we got:

*Patagonia Sidewalk Sample Sale
*West wetsuit Lotus fullsuits for $200 (normally $360)
*Lots of discounted and clearance men’s and women’s apparel.
*Big discounts on springsuits, wetsuit jackets, men’s boardshorts and women’s swimwear.
*Free $5 gift card to the coffee shop with Surfy purchase of $50 or more.
*Live music in the coffee shop patio.
*Check out all the new Surfy Surfy men’s and women’s apparel we just got!
*Maybe even a discounted surfboard or two…

Surfy Surfy Surf Shop
974 N Coast Hwy 101

Leucadia, CA 92024

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1 Comment
  • Kuka Ili Moku
    November 21, 2012

    Oh yes pleeease, discount bro deal on surfboards…that would be awesome! Holy crap, fantastically awesome!