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Jack Coleman+Mollusk+Ford Archbold+Gary Hanel=Weird Science

Mollusk Surf Shop produced this video Super 8 film by Jack Coleman, featuring pro surf guy Ford Archbold visiting Gary Hanel’s shaping shack in deepest, darkest Leucadia, California.
Cameo appearances by GH’s grandson Carson (guitar shirt) and my 3 year old son Daxton (stripey sweater).
For shorter attention spans here is the surfing only version: .
Ford is test driving a 5 fin GH bonzer Pill (or Pillzer) in the clip, hey that’s what I ride!: clicky

Metaphysically stoked with the brilliance of Gary Hanel’s quads

Photos by Jessi Hamel
From the inbox,
Hey there,
Here’s a pic of me engaging in obscene blissitudes, immersed within the pragmatic psychedelia of a fun and expansive Northern California wall, carving with my 5’7″ Hanel Quad fueled with the hand made owl wings of Marlin Bacon’s bamboo fins. I love surfing my Hanel quad and twinny in ways which transcend language, just as the experience of surfing – the art of surfing as opposed to the competitive idea of the
sport of surfing – is situated in the experiential world of blissitudes, art/aesthetics: a dimension far beyond words. Hanel’s boards combine his love of mathematics with the calculus of pure stoke. Each Hanel board I’ve ridden is a living work of high velocity intelligence meets the surreal functionality of art – a nexus made in interstellar awesomeness to say the least. I thank all of you – Hanel, Moonlight, and Marlin Bacon – for all your timeless brilliance and creativity put into generating these wave-gliding sculptures.
Chaka-ly yours,
See also, Surfy Surfy: Wellness to the institution of awesomeness
*GH quad fish surfboards are available at Mollusk surf shops and the Moonlight Glassing factory showroom.

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