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New Surfy Surfy t-shirts! Hooray!

Check it out internet amigos, we just got a fresh batch of Surfy Surfy t-shirts delivered. They feature our new updated Surfy Surfy blog header logo.
The “surfer labor” cartoon was originally drawn by a talented surfer named Dana in 1979 for the brand new Moonlight Glassing surfboard factory.

From right to left the cartoon features the original Moonlight crew:
Peter St Pierre airbrushing, Gary Stuber glassing, Mark Donnellon glossing, Kenny Mann sanding and Elmo doing a fin.
The original crew, with the exception of Elmo, is still building surfboards at Moonlight today.
Decades later the cartoon was resurrected and redrawn by J.P. St Pierre in 2005 (with font help by Rob Rhyne from, and now super updated in 2010 by Jon Pankopf of Factory 101.
The shirts are printed by surfers at Forward Screenprinting, on high quality USA organic cotton.
Visit Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in Leucadia, California to check out all the new mens, womens and kids t-shirts.

Surfy Surfy Product Review

Someone wrote a product review of our Surfy Surfy tee on

excerpt: The shirt’s creator carefully selected a delicate baby blue for the backdrop, then — keeping things within the family, as always — plunged deeply into the sea’s palette for complementary hues, which he boldly splashed across the front in his daring yet playful signature font. “SURFY SURFY” is what it says; “HAPPY HAPPY” is how you’ll feel when you don this upbeat take on the blues. And while it’s all watery fun out front, the shirt’s graphic-free, solid blue back is the workhouse holding the design together.
 Three words sum up the posterior: simple, traditional, elegant. Obviously, the understated back only adds vitality to the an already flair-filled front.”Regular fit”? I don’t believe it. How about “perfect fit,” Broseph? ‘Cause this keeper feels like a custom, clinging to my chest and snugging up to my biceps just so. And although the label claims “100 % cotton,” this shirt must be made out of meth, considering how confident it makes me feel. What? Did someone hide a Fentanyl patch in the fabric? When I’m wearing my Surfy Surfy Blues, I feel all warm and fuzzy and glowy, like nobody or thing can get me — not even the many, many demons from my past.
From there on it just gets weird…