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Christenson Surfy Glider

In 2008 Chris Christenson shaped me this magic 9’0” mini-glider with Bonzer siderunners.

It was made out a damaged blank and was originally conceived as a twin fin, but Marlin Bacon had just handed me a set of his bamboo glass-on fins and it felt right.

This board was a departure for me since I never rode boards with Skip Frye style glider rails, and I mostly rode boards under 6’0”.

It was extremely rare for me to get a board without an airbrush or resin tint. As you can see it’s got a pretty good suntan as it’s had lots of outdoor time over the past decade.

This is a smooth rider, full control, has a whipping cutback if you move your foot back. I love it on strong offshore days.

Last year this board went back into strong rotation as I was recovering from a shoulder injury. Luckily cruising and trimming is trending as a surf style so my friends don’t heckle me too much for riding it.

Maybe if you are lucky Chris will shape you one too!

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