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9’6″ Sleeper

9’6″ x 23″ 3″
Super cool longboard handshaped by old school guru Mike Slingerland in Encinitas, California.
Lots of features. We are calling this one The Sleeper because it looks like a normal log at first glance, but actually has some design elements/upgrades for advanced longboard surfing.
The rails are a blend of classic and modern, functionality and forgiving. There is vee ahead of the fin cluster for rail to rail transitions, you will be able to break your line and thrown down a turn.
2+1 sidebites instead of classic single fin for just that little extra.
Awesome glass-job from the Moonlight Glassing crew with transparent resin tint over t-band stringer, deck patch, rad pinlines and resin panel stripes wrapping around the deck, rails and bottom.
This is a stock surfboard at Surfy Surfy. Price is $880.00 includes all 3 fins. Interested humans contact or, check it online

The Sacred Heart Scanned

Peter St Pierre’s 1996 magic GH Sacred Heart 5 fin longboard has been laser scanned.
We can now download the digital file to our shaping robot and have this exact shape pre-cut. Cyborg Tyler Hanel can scale this design in length and width to your desired special modifications. Then human Gary Hanel will hand finish the board from his secret location in deepest, darkest Leucadia, California.
Accepting orders…NOW.
Original airbrush by Peter St Pierre.
New Sacred Hearts available with center fin box and other color options.

Once a Rub Out Guy always a Rub Out Guy

From Peter St Pierre’s Taped Off Blog,

Once a Rubout Guy always a Rubout Guy. John Smith finishing his Slingerland noserider in preperation for an extended stay at a certain Baja pointbreak. I’ve known John for over forty years he started Ocean Pacific surfboards in the sixties went on to start Destination Surf and now owns Baja Winters taking snowbirds on RV tours of the Baja Peninsula. John and I have more in common than being old fart surfers who still froth over a new board. One of his daughters is married to my son [JP St Pierre of Surfy Surfy] and we share grandpa duty with a couple of wild Groms. Once a Rubout Guy always a Rubout Guy.

Bottom photo by Rebecca Smith.
*Rub Out Guy is surfboard industry slang for the polisher. The Rub Out Guy makes your surfboards shiny in the Rub Out Room.

See also Baja Winters

Carvey 9’6″ Harvey

9’6″ x 22 3/4″ x 3″ handshape by Bob Harvey.

Grant, “You are going to crop me out of this photo right?”
JP, “Yes.”
Grant. “Because I don’t ride longboards.”
JP, “Yeah, yeah. I just need a rocker profile shot.”
Grant, “Because my friends look at this stuff on Facebook.”
JP, “Dude, don’t worry about it.”

This board is for sale SOLD at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.