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Fire 2014 Evening Update

Sunset view of the fire plumes. Photo taken at E St in downtown Encinitas, a mile or so south of Surfy Surfy in Leucadia. Epic surf conditions but the waves were pretty bad.
 Lots of lines coming in from a steep south angle (you know that weird feeling you get in your gut when you know spots that are good on this angle, but can’t get there?)
Good luck to the fire crews tonight, most of whom are surfers.
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Fire 2014 Status Morning Update

Surfy Fire Update 8:15 am Thursday May 15.
Top photo shows my view from the coast in Leucadia looking east towards San Marcos.
The scary black smoke is gone. They hit the fires last night with a big DC10 air drop.
The wind is currently calm. It’s actually a nice morning at the beach. Glassy longboard waves.
Ash everywhere. The air smells like smoke and stings the eyes.
Local schools are canceled for the day.
Surfy Surfy Surf Shop and the coffee shop next door are both open today.
Anyone who is displaced by the fire leave a comment. Lots of locals are offering their spare bedrooms.
The Moonlight/Christenson surfboard factory is in the evacuation zone so please no “is my done board done yet?” phone calls today.
The San Marcos fire is also referred to as the Washingtonia Fire or Coco Fire.
*read SD Union Tribune: Uncontained San Marcos Fire  ‘No. 1 Priority’
*view detailed map of fires and evacuation zones: click

Satellite photo of the fires.

*this post was updated at 9:15 am
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A Fiery Day

This morning’s view of the Carlsbad Fire from Surfy Surfy on the coast highway in Leucadia, CA.

The view of the San Marcos Fire just before sunset from the coast highway, 1 block south of Surfy Surfy.This fire is 7-10 miles direct east of Surfy Surfy and very close to the Moonlight/Christenson surfboard factory.

Today has been filled with smoke and fire here in North San Diego County.
Tonight we think about our friends who have been displaced from their homes as multiple fires surrounded us.
Today tempatures reached 100 degrees at the beach where Surfy Surfy is located in Leucadia, California. This weather is common in September/October here, but incredibly rare for May.
Hot gusty winds meant the fires spread fast and gave our hardworking fire crews a challenge.
The Moonlight/Christenson factory had to evacuate and as of this posting we are unsure of it’s status (the factory has survived several of these events over the decades. See previous post Fire2007
As of this posting the wind has backed down a lot, the full moon has risen and is incredibly bright and there is less ominous smoke in the sky. We will see what dawn brings. Many people will have a sleepless night as they monitor the proximity of fires near them, or watch helplessly from the shelters.
You can check the status of these fires by visiting:

 *check out this crazy fire footage drive somebody shot today: