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Back Stop

I never use traction but my brother-in-law Aaron gave me this thing called The Stop to try. It came in handy on a wave over the weekend when I was off balance hitting the close out section. I jammed my backfoot into it and was able to recover. I wasn’t wearing a leash that session so it saved me a swim.

(I’m digging how the glass loop doesn’t need a string with the leash too).

For Sale: 5’10” Quad Fish

Click images for large views of this Monday’s board for sale,

We’ve got this sweet slightly surfed Quad Fish shaped by Gary Hanel available for sale at the Moonlight showroom.

5’10” length
15″ nose
20 1/2″ wide
16 1/2″ tail
2 3/8″ thickness

Double wing swallowtail quads are the current board du Jour for dedicated fish riders. The quads are easier to surf backside than the traditional keels and are nice and loose in the lip.

GH puts a nice modern rail on his fishes, this board is not retro by any means.

Gary Hanel aka GH was featured in this issue of The Surfer’s Journal.

Just a couple of very minor dents on the deck, otherwise it’s in perfect condition.
The Lokbox fin system is adjustable so you can move the fins around to your taste. It comes with the fins shown.

The bro deal price is $425 and comes with a FREE Destination Surf fish bag (a $60 value).

*In loud obnoxious voice, “This deal won’t last long, act now! Blah, blah, blah…”

If interested call Sally at the shop, 760-891-0919 or 760-942-3319 or e-mail