Weird Paipo Surfcraft thingies

Surfy Surfy  is housing 4 orphaned Paipo type thingies (for surfing prone on yer belly!)

These are foam and fiberglass Paipos, think of them as a hybrid between  bodyboards and kneeboards, even though the Paipo predates both of those. These Paipos are 4′. (our friend Sarah pictured in 5’4″)

This one is exciting. It’s an authentic Insanity board from the mid 1980’s. Shaped by Gary Hanel for a man known only as Vern. GH shaped dozens of these things for Vern’s Insanity label. Usually finless, this one was converted into a 5 fin Bonzer in the mid 1990’s.

Hold onto the handle and super barreled.

The first summer I worked at Moonlight Glassing as a teenager I handsanded dozens of these boards. I clearly remember that chime/flute rail blend being a challenge.

It’s cool that Vern had foam and fiberglass bodyboards built 25 years ago. Sadly Vern passed away years ago. I’m sure he would be stoked to see all the nouveau shapers making similar boards these days.

This crazy thing was made by Russ Hoyte. It’s got all kinds of hydrodynamic stuff going on with the bottom.

This one has a logo that reads ‘Lap Extreme” and appears to be glassed with Kevlar. Shaper unknown.

This one is a legit, a Ron Romanksy who is a legend in the kneeboard world.

These 4 unique surf craft are for sale at Surfy Surfy. Price is $200 each or get all 4 for $500 cash.
UPDATE: these boards are SOLD, thanks!
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