Tiki Turbot

My buddy Matt Harrigan fell out of surfing years ago to pursue his dreams of world domination. Now he’s back and all surf stoked again, so he ordered his first custom surfboard. Shaped by Gary Hanel (aka GH), this board was designed to clear sections in the long mushy walls of north San Diego county.
Dims: 6’2″ length, 15 1/2″ nose, 21 1/2″ width, 16″ tail and 2 7/8″ thick.
5/4 S-glass coke bottle green resin tint by Gary Stuber. Bamboo side fins by 101 Fin Co. “Sleepy Tiki” hotrod pinlines by Peter St Pierre. Glossed and polished for looks and longevity.
Matt named this board The Turbot, after a fish that the UK and Canada almost went to war over. Read The Turbot War on Wikipedia.
If you want your own GH Turbot email me surfysurfy@gmail.com

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  • Anonymous
    June 29, 2009

    Love that outline.

  • SJQuadfish
    June 30, 2009

    Awesome board! That’s going to be the Cardiff killer this summer. Gary did his awesome resin tint on my board too. Looks great.

  • Anonymous
    June 30, 2009

    Summer Cuda 2

  • Anonymous
    June 30, 2009


  • that guy from nz
    July 1, 2009

    Beautiful.What’s the tail rocker ? Can’t quite read it.

  • Matt
    July 1, 2009

    turbot report – rad. throughout this last swell this thing has gotten into waves great, and when a sketchy section comes through, little tiny polynesian people come out of the board and help you row through it.

    People are really surprised when they ask about the board and I turn it over to show them the fin setup. I guess it looks like i’m riding a fish. Probably because i’m a spaz.

    Thanks again fellas.