Shoutout to Mike Lawler

To Mike Lawler who ordered a 6’0″ Bonzer5 Pod last month from us, the phone number we have for you is not working. Malcolm tried to call you to discuss the details of your shape.

Call us at 760-891-0919 or e-mail


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  • shawnzee
    January 26, 2007

    me too. i am also the real mike lawler, and i’d love to discuss the specifics of my Bonzer5 AS WELL AS my Russ Short ’77 Bonzer3. thanks.

  • F.P.
    January 27, 2007

    Please stop shout(out)ing.

  • Anonymous
    January 27, 2007

    Pod me.

  • Anonymous
    January 27, 2007

    well my handle is D-rad but my name is mike lawler, and 1st off, this is a ripoff post purly on no sweet board pornagraphic material.

    but you can have malcom call Ill dicuss my stuff but uhhh ya, bill me at my old adress

  • Anonymous
    January 27, 2007

    This is the real mike Lawer.
    Please just have malcom just call Warm Jet, do discuss the dims of the board.

  • Sparticus
    January 27, 2007

    I’m Mike Lawler is my board done yet?

  • Mikey Lawless
    January 27, 2007

    I changed my mind. Can you just glass on nine fins a la Glen Winton and I’ll just break ’em off one by one as I figure out what rides best?



  • Who's Your Daddy
    January 28, 2007

    I am Emmit Smith.

  • J.P.
    February 9, 2007

    We found him!