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Two Long Boards

On display at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop is Greg Long’s winning Eddie contest board shaped by Chris Christenson. We are really stoked that Chris and Greg are letting us borrow it and people really enjoy seeing it in person. Chris Christenson’s factory and Moonlight Glassing share a wall and I have been telling shop visitors that the Eddie board was a collab between Chris’s shop and Moonlight. However, it turns out I got the Eddie board confused with Greg’s other big wave gun with a similar color scheme.
So, the Eddie board, pictured left, was glassed at Michael Miller’s shop. The board on the right was glassed at Moonlight. Pictured below is Chris and Greg with both boards after the contest.
I apologize for error.

Cortes Lost and Found

Greg Long stopped by this week to order a new board from Chris Christenson. Greg had just returned from a paddle-in session at Cortes Bank.
Cortes Bank is a rad surf spot 100 miles off the coast of San Diego.
Greg and Ramon Navarro had written their contact info on their boards just in case their leashes broke and they lost their boards.
Ramon broke his board.
Surfer Mag Dot Com has a photo gallery of the Cortes paddle session, click here. Watch the video, click here.