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Surfers need Surfboards to Surf

A week before we opened Surfy Surfy Surf Shop a rep from an import surfboard company burst through the door uninvited. He gave me the hard sell on carrying his low cost/low quality pop-out surfboards. When I explained the concept and the mission of Surfy Surfy, that we were here to give a venue to skilled local and underground shapers, he scoffed and said it would never work.
Forward 5 months later and we have pretty much sold through our entire stock of Bob Harvey surfboards. Who, you ask? Bob Harvey is an under-underground shaper from Carlsbad who has been handshaping clean boards for decades. His user friendly designs and affordable shaping fee have been a big hit in the shop.
This one is a clean single wing 7’0″ Big Guy Quad Fish. 21 1/2″ wide and 2 7/8″ thick. Cool blue and black resin swirl tint by Gary Stuber on the bottom with snappy pinlines on the deck by Peter St Pierre. 5/4 oz glassing for quality. The handy Lokbox fin system allows for travel and fin placement adjustments. Finish it off with a gloss and polish and you get a lot of board at a good price.

Surfers making quality surfboards for their fellow surfers is what Surfy Surfy is all about. Thanks for the support!
*this board is SOLD, thanks! 

The Fun Board gets Fun Again

Under-underground Carlsbad shaper Bob Harvey has been making user friendly surf machines for 30 years. A veteran of San Diego’s North County fun but mushy reefs, Harv likes to do things like morph his longboards and quad fishes into super FUNctional hybrids that make average days fun and fun days super duper fun. A lot of surfboard companies will phone it in on “Funboards” and try to sell you a slow moving low-design blob of anti-fun. Harv knows fun and wants you to have fun. Y’all like fun right?
This one is 8’0″ x 21 3/4″ x 2 7/4″

If you want to carve, ride a Harv.

This board is SOLD, thanks!