7’0″ Extra Special Stock Bonzer3 


Fresh from Malcolm Campbell and Moonlight Glassing:
7’0″ Russ Short model Bonzer 3 fin with bamboo glass-on fins.
Volan tail patch.
Clean and tight and ready for your surfy needs.
Available at Surfy Surfy brick & mortar in Leucadia, CA or online:
clicky clicky
We also have a 7’0″ diamond tail in stock: click clicky
And, we even gots a 6’8″ pintail: clicky the click

  • Kurt
    April 6, 2015

    7’0″ sold already?! That was fast. Tried the link to the 6’8″ – is that board sold too? – the link appears to be broken/invalid.


    • surfysurfy
      April 6, 2015

      Howdy Kurt,
      In stock we have a 7’0″ Russ Short diamond tail in stock. The 6’8″ sold, but there is another in production at the factory.
      We also just got a near mint 6’11” Russ Short pintail.
      Call or text us 760-452-7687

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