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Vintage 8’3″ Wayne Lynch Involvment Surfboard

At Surfy Surfy on loan right now we have Patrick Leahy’s original Wayne Lynch Involvment surfboard circa ’67. 

Wayne Lynch carving it up during the Shortboard Revolution 

Early Wayne Lynch Involvment ad. 

The bottom is battle scarred. The board has been restored with a fresh hot coat and gloss, whomever did it wisely left the patina. 

Resin pinline. This nose template is still widely used today. 

Not sure if the resin leash loop is original or added later. 

These rock scars would explain why leashes became instantly popular. 

Fin systems have always been part of surfboard evolution. 

Great logo. Anyone know the original artist? 

This board was on display at the premiere of Jack McCoy’s new ambitious surf film A Deeper Shade of Blue at the Hawaiian Hilton Village in Waikiki on Feb 6th. 

*special thanks to Patrick Leahy of West Wetsuits for sending me to Hawaii for the premiere screening. It was an honor and an incredible trip.
Check out A Deeper Shade of Blue for screenings in your area.

*update: here is the fin which is still in Australia
9 Responses
  • Kuka Ili Moku
    February 14, 2013

    OHMAGAH…that board is so sweet…the scarring is unreal…great great great restoration while still keeping the historical aesthetics intact…awesome man…just totally awesome.

  • Anonymous
    February 14, 2013

    looks like sumpin i would ride! tony

  • Andrew
    February 14, 2013

    is there a fin ??

  • Anonymous
    February 14, 2013

    gotta be worth as much as a frye, or more?

  • Anonymous
    February 16, 2013

    sweet. nice post. exactly why i keep checking in.

  • Geoff Cater
    January 9, 2014

    Dear Surfy,
    This “original Wayne Lynch Involvment surfboard circa ’67” is most probably 1968-1969.
    In early 1968, Wayne Lynch secured sponsorship from John Arnold Surfboards (and O’Neill Wetsuits) in Adelaide where the Wayne Lynch Involvment (note the incorrect spelling) model was produced from 1968 to mid-1971.
    In late 1970 the boards were available, according to magazine advertising, in “All states of Australia – East and West coast USA – England – France.”
    The photograph of “Wayne Lynch carving it up during the Shortboard Revolution,” by Leroy Grannis, is taken during the heats of the 1968 World Contest, held at Domes, Puerto Rico.
    The “Early Wayne Lynch Involvment ad,” is from Surf International Volume 1 Number 9 page 3, January 1969.
    The photograph is probably by John Witzig and taken early in 1968, also note the fin has been replaced or otherwise adjusted.
    Unfortunately, the pencil markings, – 952 W. Lynch 8′ 3″ – , do not confirm that the board was, in fact, shaped by Wayne.
    During 1968-1969, Wayne had a numerous interstate and international competitive commitments and was also traveling the world filming Evolution with producer, Paul Witzig, and fellow stars, Nat Young and Ted Spencer.
    The early Wayne Lynch production models for John Arnold Surfboards were shaped by in-house by “the very skilled” Wayne Dale and Sig Kwiatkowski.
    Wayne noted (in a personal interview, Gerringong NSW, 10 March 2005) that while boards of this period regularly have pencil markings with his name, these do not confirm that the board was shaped by himself.
    The non-period (five years too early) resin leash loop was most likely added at the time of the refurbishment-restoration, that very “wisely left the patina.”
    “Fin systems have always been part of surfboard evolution,” and this is an example of one of the first widely available designs, in this case Waveset, with the brand name usually molded on the fin base and inside the box.

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