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Nano Board Enhancer Test

Recently I blogged about receiving a sample kit of Surf Nano Products in the mail. Well I finally got around to applying it to my board today.
I decided to try it on my 5’11” Bonzer5 Mini-Merk because I am familiar with the feel of this board and it’s already really fast.
After using the supplied board cleaner I sprayed the Board Enhancer liberally on the bottom of my board. This was not what the directions said to do, oops.
As you can see my board was soaked in nanos. I was supposed to only spray the supplied sponge and wipe it on, ha.
The directions said to apply the nano spray with the sponge in circular motions, which I then did. But I couldn’t help myself and finished it with long smooth strokes from nose to tail.
The sponge picked up a lot of grime so maybe I should have cleaned it better in the first place. After letting it dry for an hour I could feel the difference in texture on the board. It felt slicky, like a board I once polished with Turtle Wax years ago (the Turtle Wax experiment was way more work than this).
Burning Question: Did it work?
I gotta say the board really did feel more slickery in the water. I was surprised how noticeable it was. Did I surf faster in general? Not sure, I did link some big sections which the Mini-Merk is good at. I didn’t make every wave either. The waves were pretty good tonight. Absolutely beautiful conditions with long peeling offshore mush walls so it was a good test track. I for sure noticed it on one bottom turn in particular.
One thing to note, I really don’t like the smell and now I feel like I have nanos in my mouth and on my fingertips that won’t wash off. But I’m an idiot and did not apply it in a well ventilated area or use gloves. I have a stack of rubber gloves in my work room and I could have easily applied it in the shop lobby with the breeze coming in, so I kinda spazzed that one.
Conclusion: Heck, fellow surfboard nerds might as well give it a try.