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5’4″ Spacebar Quad

Ah, the sophisticated subtleties of the Slingerland Spacebar, the Surfy version of the sweet Mini-Simms scene.
The Spacebar looks unassuming, but our crafty old school surfboard shaper Mike Slingerland snuck a lot of design into this board.
The rocker, foil, rails and bottom are there so you can control the speed you are going to generate on this little surf shuttle of stoke.
Screw in your favorite Lokbox quad template and 3-2-1 blast off.
Note the lack of a wood stringer, this thing is going to flex out of turns like the way the Enterprise slingshot around the sun to travel in time like in Star Trek episode 19 Tomorrow is Yesterday.

Big Pig

Here is a unique one for the longboard fans. 10’3″ Pig handshaped by underground old school soulman Bruce King. This puppy is loaded with features: volan glass, deck panel and pinlines, custom hatchet fin by Fins Unlimited, diamond wood tail block, and Bruce’s unique “Nose Blower” double concave for serious tip riders. The Pig outline features a nice hip for rotating cutbacks. It’s over 10′ but this ain’t no plank.
10’3″ x 23 3/4″ x 3 1/2″
For sale in the stock rack at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.

5’8″ Slob Job GH ‘cuda Quad

Board #2 in our run of GH ‘cuda quads.
5’8″ x 19 3/8″ x 2 7/16″
The ‘cuda has the extra paddle flow you want with higher performance than retro quad fishes. Quality 4/4 oz polish gloss deck and rails. Wetsanded gloss bottom. “Slob Job” color deck inlay by Peter St Pierre. Lokbox Microbox fin system, excellent for quads due to adjustable box. Fins not shown (all Surfy Surfy stock boards include fins!)