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Round is a shape

6’10” thick and wide smooth rider handshaped by the under-underground Bob Harvey.

Standard tri-fin with FCS Fusion system. Shown here with the new Scarfini fins from South Africa. Bamboo and carbon combo.

Resin leash loop!

Bob has always had the crafty skill to make a fuller thick rail feel nice and foiled.

Clean roundtail outline for smooth stable and dependable surfing. Slight vee forward of the fin cluster for transitions.

Nice resin tint. Polished gloss deck and rails. Wetsanded gloss bottom.
Branded with the “retro Jetsons” Moonlight Glassing logo on the deck and classic Moonlight oval on the bottom.

Signature by Bob Harvey is still visible thru the resin tint.

6’10” length x 21 1/8″ width x 2 7/8″ thickness
Great all rounder surfboard with desirable float and paddle.

“If you want to carve, ride a Harv.”

*this board is SOLD, thanks!

Golden Onion

This sweet little 5’10” quad handshaped by Gary Hanel didn’t last long in the Surfy Surfy stock rack.

Clean outline and thinned out rails. Groovy airbrush.

Hotcoat pinline wrapping the rail. Only the truly dedicated gloss and polisher.

When shopping for quality surfboards look for the GH label.

No wings, no swallow tail. Quad keeps it loose and free, round tail keeps it stable off the bottom and hooking around turns. Adjustable Lokbox fin system for quad fin placement fine tuning

Gary Hanel surfboards glassed by Moonlight Glassing are a must have for every surfboard aficionado.