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1980’s Sunset Tri Fin

This one came into the shop via the underground surfy network of surf bros with rad old boards in their garages.
What: Sunset Surfboards tri-fin.
Who: Shaper and founder of Sunset, Ed Wright.
When: Early 1980’s.
Where: Made at Moonlight Glassing, which originally existed inside Sunset Surfboards on the coast highway in Encinitas, before moving out to the industrial park in San Marcos in 1979.

Stray Observations:
*An interesting blend of logos from the classic 70’s Sunset to Ed’s very 80s shaper logo, to the super classic TRI FIN logo (to clarify the confusion of early 80’s multi-fin madness).
*The red, white and blue wishbone hotcoat color work is 1970’s influenced.
*The glass-on side fins are cool. The center box is a Freestyle box which is common on these early 80s boards. The mini-boomerang fin was actually popular for a short time back then.
*Duct tape seems to have fallen out of favor as a go-to ding repair solution in the last decade or so.
*This board was well used which is a good sign that the owner loved it. It has some major dings but all are repairable.
*It’s light!
*There are design elements in this board which are enjoying a resurgence lately. 1980s shortboards were pretty darn good mushbusters.

*This board was made 30 years ago by the same crew that makes all the new boards featured on Surfy Surfy.

Multifin surfboards are here to stay

A mysterious gent named Red Bear sent me this Sunset Surfboards ad from 1983 that ran in Breakout Magazine featuring a young Mark McNaught getting slotted.
Note that Moonlight’s address is the same but with a zip code changed. Listed is a different from now phone number from when the 619 prefix covered north San Diego county.
I like that the tri-fin has a center box and that the quad has four fin boxes, most likely the Freestyle fin system.
The black rail quad has 6 logos on the bottom!
I love the outlines on those boards and of course, the flashy airbrushes.