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My Working Quiver 2008

By popular request, here is my current working quiver:
click for larger view

A. 6’6″ Malcolm Campbell Bonzer5-US Blank, bamboo siderunners, glassed with Resin-X (unfinished, currently in production, pulled out of factory for photo shoot)
B. 6’3″ Malcolm Campbell Bonzer5-Clark Foam. This board is *magic*
C. 5’8″ Malcolm Campbell Bonzer3 Light Vehicle Stub. US Blank, bamboo siderunners. A favorite!
D. 6’3″ Evolution Double Ender shaped by Wayne Lynch-Clark Foam. 2+1 center box with Lokbox sides.
E. 5’10” Mark Richards 80’s style twin fin. #49 of 500 shaped. Foam unknown. Glassed with 4 oz S glass. Glass-on fins.
F. 5’7″ Rich Pavel Speedialer quad with vanishing tapered stringer. Clark Foam. Lokbox fin system. 4 oz S glass.
G. 5’7″ Gary Hanel twin Fish with removable bamboo “Lowboys” by 101 Fin Co. 4 oz S glass. Tiki pinlines. Resin tint.
H. 5’9″ Thumb with Bonzer5 system. I love this surfboard. You can watch Rob Machado glassing it in the Moonlight YouTube video in the links on the right. Clark Foam.
I. 5’6″ Shawn Ambrose “Sputnik” stringerless. Bennett foam glassed with 5 oz Resin-X. Lokbox fin system. Star Wars artwork.
J. 5’4″ Shawn Ambrose Sputnik5 with all bamboo glass-on fins. Stringerless. Ice-9 foam. 1990’s carbon fiber strips.
K. 5’8″ Shawn Ambrose Sputnik quad with parabolic rail stringers. Star Wars tiki pinlines.
L. 6’6″ Guy Takayama GWAT. Clark Foam.
M. 6’3″ Channel Islands Flyer II. Shaped and signed by Al Merrick as a wedding gift. D-Size cloth, Red-X fin System. Cosmic airbrush.
N. 5’7″ Mandala 2+1 Stub by Manuel Caro. Tapered stringer. King Mac foam. Bamboo and Kiri glass-on wood fins by 101 Fin Co.
O. 5’11” Marlin Bacon tri-fin. Agave and balsa glass-on fins by John Cherry. Clark Foam.

15 boards total plus this one,

P. 6’1″ Bonzer that got killed on the biggest day of the winter a few years back. *sob* Clark Foam.

It’s a pretty decent batch of boards with some gaps that need to be filled. Who knows what the quiver will look like this time in 2009?