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Nat Young

Nat Young Surfboards magazine ad from the late 70’s and early 80’s, featuring Ned McMahon currently of Home Blown blanks (featuring Bio-Foam).

E-mail from Devon Howard:

On Saturday, March 1, join shortboard trailblazer and five-time world champion Nat Young at the Patagonia Surf Shop in Cardiff, where he will share slide images of pivotal moments from his newly revised book The Complete History of Surfing: From Water to Snow. Following the show, Young will have books available for signing. This is an outdoor event but should the weather look questionable, it will be hosted indoors or on the heated patio. Doors open at 6:45 pm. Phone 760-634-9886 for details.

If you can’t make Nat Young’s event in Cardiff, he will be doing the show and book signing the following day, Sunday, March 2 at the Coronado Boathouse starting at 2 pm, ending at 4 pm. Phone (619) 435-0155 for details. Other stops include: CHP Surf & Skate in Redondo Beach, March 3; Santa Monica Surf Shop, March 4; Diesel Books Store in Malibu, March 6; Ventura Surf Shop, March 7.

We Do Exist!

In the February 2008 issue of Surfer magazine,

In the Where Anything Goes article by Sam George,

On page 142,

It reads, You can work at Moonlight Glassing, laminating boards with wallpaper squeegees or at the Surftech distribution center–LOL.

That is quite the contrast, you can be Gary Stuber who has been glassing boards for 40 years or some minimum wage kid organizing the container fresh from Thailand.

Thanks to Sam George for acknowledging that we do indeed exist (even if we don’t technically use wallpaper squeegees).

The Blogger’s Journal

Check it out fellow blogging peeps, the newest TSJ has printed a slick run down of some noteworthy surf blogs:

Your blog might be in there! (If not, don’t fret. TSJ will continue to track the surfing blogosphere).

Buddy digs blogs.

TSJ editor Scott Hulet loves cute wittle kitties so much he that took great care to color coordinate the cover with Buddy’s eyes.

The Surfer’s Journal Volume 16 NO. 3 – Summer ’07 buy it