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Elevated Wing Mini-Merk

6’3″ x 20 1/8″ x 2 1/2″
Custom for Vincent who is soon to be a proud papa, hence the mini-Fish for his new baby.
This is a good application of the e-wing on the Mini-Merk Bonzer5 model, pulling in that wide tail but keeping that sweet hip. Nice and light blue 4 oz resin tint. White wishbone airbrushed on the hotcoat. Gloss and polish.
Of course, half of the original concept of the Mini-Merk was a production friendly Bonzer that didn’t have a polished gloss tinted e-wing. Oh well, that didn’t last long…
Surfy Surfy: Little Blue Fish
Surfy Surfy: Avatar

SC Exhibit D: 5’11” Mini-Merk 5 fin Bonzer

From our booth at Sacred Craft Del Mar 2009: The Mini-Merk Bonzer handshaped by Malcolm Campbell.
5’11” length x 20″ width x 2 9/16″ thickness
Glassing: 5/4 s-cloth deck and 5 oz bottom. Airbrushed, glass-on fiberglass siderunners with center box. Wetsanded gloss finish. The Mini-Merk is a modernized version of a 1980’s shortboard. This board is a copy of the board I am currently riding.
See previous post about my personal Mini-Merk: Surfy Surfy: The 5 fin Bonzer Mini-Merk
Surfy Surfy: SC Exhibit C: 6'0" GH 5 Fin

The 5 fin Bonzer Mini-Merk

In early spring of this year I contacted Malcolm Campbell about shaping me a new Bonzer shortboard that was based on the short, thick and wide shortboards of the 1980’s, but with modern refinements to the rocker and foil. The result was the Mini-Merk and I am stoked.
The Mini-Merk Bonzer5 is glassed with double layer 4 oz S-cloth deck, and single 4 oz S-cloth bottom, with a wetsanded gloss coat. The glass-job is seriously solid. I haven’t been riding any of my other boards all summer, and the Mini-Merk still looks new 5 months later with barely any deck dents and zero dings.
The Mini-Merk is wide and thick for the fat mushy waves I’ve been surfing all summer. The lightweight and flexy bamboo Bonzer fins give this board a performance boost for vertical surfing I can’t get out of my twin and quad Fishes.
The Mini-Merk after it was freshly airbrushed and up front waiting to get glassed. Thanks to my airbrusher Dad for taking the time to tape off all those lines.
The Mini-Merk at Fish Fry 5.
The Mini-Merk dims are: 5’11” length x 20″ width x 2 9/16″
The airbrush was inspired by JM’s jammies.
Ignore my funky looking waxjob, it melted in the car. The little traction pad is by D-Surf.

Some of you may remember seeing the unwaxed and unridden Mini-Merk at the Sacred Craft show in Ventura back in May. The Mini-Merk will be on display in the Surfy Surfy/Moonlight Glassing/Campbell Brothers Bonzer Surfboards booth at Sacred Craft October 10 and 11 if you want to check it out in person.

*Note-Malcolm can shape custom modified versions of the Mini-Merk if you aren’t in love with those wide nose and tail dims.