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Caster Channel Hull Replica #1

This is the winning Caster Chris O’Rourke/Channel Hull replica from the 2008 Sacred Craft Expo shaped by Ricky Carroll. This board belongs to Sacred Craft organizer Scott Bass. My Dad gave Bassy permission to include the bamboo sidebite fins because Bill Caster would approve.
See photos of Ricky Carroll shaping this board: Surfy Surfy: Ricky Carroll wins Caster tribute Shape-Off

Caster Legacy

Pictured: Roger Beal’s personal vintage 1960’s Caster longboard.

The following was posted by “anonymous” in the comments section of this Surfy Surfy post.

I have a rare board my dad gave me after he passed away… It’s a Caster. 1965 was the year it was shaped, shortly after Caster made this board he left to go serve the country in Vietnam. #1143 is the number inscribed on the middle stringer. It’s obviously a tripple stringer, weighs 38 pounds, in mint condition. I recently have paddled it out and it is truly amazing to surf such an old board… to think of surfing a board when at the time it was made, there was no such thing as a wetsuit… This board is awesome… it turns great for a single glassed in fin… I have learned alot about Caster after my father passed away in January… My dad surfed this board in high school, he graduated in 1966…. He went into the airforce after high school and slowed his surfing down tremedously as he raised a family and started his career… The last time it was in the water was in 82 at Sunset Cliffs. I was on a boogie board, only 7 or 8 years old, following my dad on this classic board…. Now I surf it. It’s crazy, but it is in flawless condition. It stokes me out to just drop in, make the turn and sit back and enjoy the ride…! Cudos to Caster and his family… what a great person. I’m proud to have legacy board from a time of one of the Great Shapers in San Diego!

Ricky Carroll wins Caster tribute Shape-Off

Ricky Carroll won last year’s Sacred Craft Shape-Off tribute to Mike Diffenderfer.

Here Ricky boldly puts in the channels with his planer.

Ricky Carroll’s finished replica of Bill Caster’s “Channel Hull”.

Ricky Carroll.

The shapers only had 10 minutes to examine this authentic handshaped Bill Caster surfboard.

This board was chosen for the Shape-Off not only for the difficulty of the channels and wing, but because it’s just a really bitchin’ board.

left-Bill’s oldest son Dave Caster. right-Peter St Pierre, one of Bill’s oldest friends and judge in the Shape-Off.

Ricky Carroll photos from the Surfer Mag Design Forum message board.
Surfer article about Sacred Craft, We Need This.