The Brownfish Bodysurfing Handplane

Great bodysurfing shot by Jason Kenworthy via the ESPN surf blog.

Surfy Surfy Team Rider Gary Murphy has been handcrafting these super cool bodysurfing handplanes for awhile now. He has them totally dialed, featuring a really sweet adjustable strap. They are handshaped out of Paulownia wood which is super light and floaty (it’s what they make Alaia’s out of).
Bodysurfing has grown in recent popularity which is a good thing. It gets in the water everyday, gets you tuned in with the ocean and gets you heaps ‘o barrels.
The trick thing about these handplanes is that you can actually bodysurf mushy waves with them (which is more fun than it sounds).
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Brownfish Handplanes are now for sale on the Surfy Surfy online store.