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Surfy Surfy Surfboards

See the surfboards in person at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in Leucadia!

The theme of Surfy Surfy is surfboards!
Specifically, handcrafted surfboards made in California.
The core of the Surfyverse is comprised of three key surfboards:

1. The incredible Campbell Brothers Bonzer surfboards shaped by Malcolm Campbell in Oxnard, CA.

2. The user friendly performance modern retro boards from Gary Hanel (GH) handshaped right here in our hometown of Leucadia.

3. Special projects and finely foiled longboards by our local guru and underground industry legend Mike Slingerland.

*We also mix in high quality surfboards boards from various other talented shapers.

We do have some stock surfboards available via our fancy online store:
Clicky Clicky

For custom orders call 760-452-7687 or email

Most custom surfboards please allow 6-12 weeks to build depending on the details.

You can also PAYPAL $250.00 standard deposit to


Shipping surfboards cost vary depending on your location. We can ship internationally.
We will research your shipping cost for you after acquiring your address.

Customer pays the freight company separately.

All surfboards are shipped by the world famous Sally St Pierre aka Moon Mom of Moonlight Glassing, widely regarded in the industry as the best in the business.

Moonlight Box Shipping Surfboards

Moon Kitty Crush Test

Moon Kitty surfboard box strength test.