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Gadzooks, it’s the Dead Kooks

Eden Saul from Australia, in California
Eden Saul shaping. 
Dead Kook stock for Surfy Surfy

9’5″ Nausua model 

Dead Kooks from Cameron Peters on Vimeo.

The Girl Next Door from Macauley Rae on Vimeo.

Dead Kook, Good Kook t-shirt

The Dead Kooks crew from Australia has been hanging out in southern California lately.
Led by surfer/shaper Eden Saul, who has been using the new guest shaping room at the Moonlight/Christenson factory.
Eden and his team are good surfers and fun people with positive attitudes towards life and surfing. We are stoked to be stocking Dead Kooks surfboards and tee’s at Surfy Surfy.
Dead Kooks Dot Com

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Drop Knee Life

via The Surfer’s Journal

*I used to surf with Paul Roach a lot back in the day. His drop knee thing was a trip and he loved frothy sandy barrels. He was a good standup surfer and rode channel bottom single fins and weird Fish type boards before they were cool. My peers and I pretty much hated boogieboarding with a passion, but we loved and respected Paul Roach.

source Bodyboard Museum

With this video making the rounds across the surf blogosphere I predict the next hipster surf trend after handplanes, alaias and paipos is drop knee bodyboarding (with anchors and skulls painted on garage sale boogieboards).

People sometimes forget that Roach was in the groundbreaking 1992 surf video Momentum, which ushered in the new school Kelly Slater era of surfing, which ironically pretty much killed professional bodyboarding (oddly enough that is Roach boxing Slater in the intro of the clip that would change modern surfing).

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Jack Coleman+Mollusk+Ford Archbold+Gary Hanel=Weird Science

Mollusk Surf Shop produced this video Super 8 film by Jack Coleman, featuring pro surf guy Ford Archbold visiting Gary Hanel’s shaping shack in deepest, darkest Leucadia, California.
Cameo appearances by GH’s grandson Carson (guitar shirt) and my 3 year old son Daxton (stripey sweater).
For shorter attention spans here is the surfing only version: .
Ford is test driving a 5 fin GH bonzer Pill (or Pillzer) in the clip, hey that’s what I ride!: clicky

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