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Tin Ojeda’s Expencive Porno Movie

Expencive Porno Movie from Nothingwillchange on Vimeo.

Tonight is the world premiere of Expencive Porno Movie, an experimental surf film Featuring Dane Peterson, Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, JJ Wessels, Mike DeTemple, Trevor Gordon, Kyle Albers, Devon Howard, Justin Adams, Billy Death Scotty Stopnik, and Jared Mell.
Shot entirely on Super 16 mm film.
Village East Cinema 
189 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003
This is what happens you when are raised on single fins and Tarantino flicks.

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Let’s Watch some Surf Videos 6-13-14

It’s fun to watch videos on the Internet. Let’s watch these: This edit is by our shop rat Julian. Nice work little buddy. Officially I hate GoPro videos but this one is groovy. Mysto fog barrel!
 I like Kepa Acero’s videos. Most other POV films are narcissistic junk, but Kepa is so stoked that his films work. See also: Finding Stoke You had me at Big Foot. Via Facebook. Living underwater is the last cheap rent. Might as well post the dolphin video that is all over Facebook. Your kids will like it.

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