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5’5″ Bee’s Knees

Shaper/bee keeper  Jon Wegener (brother of famous groovy surf dude Tom Wegener) is adapting well to living the Leucadia lifestyle; farming, making interesting surfboards and surfing the mushiest waves in all of San Diego county.
5’5″ x 21″ x 2 5/8″
Single foil marine ply keels make this thing sweet as honey.
Check out Weg’s boards at Surfy Surfy.
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*Jon has pointed that it is his wife Rosa in the beekeeper suit in the first photo. Jon says Rosa does most of the bee handling but he is getting better at it. Apologies for the mix up Rosa. 

Blue Blue Gil

6’2″ Blue Gil shaped by Jon Wegener.
Snazzy ice blue resin tint by Gary Stuber at Moonlight Glassing.
The Blue Gil is a foam and fiberglass cheater Alaia with small nubby twin fins.
These things are super fun. I rode one for the first time at the Paipo Stoke Fest last September.
It’s pretty amazing, easier to surf than you think (at least for me, frontside. Backside was a challenge). Fast, trimmy, groovy and it’s fulfilling when it breaks loose into a controlled slide and then reconnects.
This is a stock board at Surfy Surfy, come check it out.