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Troop Transport

5′ 1-1/2″ x 22-1/2″ x 3″ handshaped by John Cherry for the Wounded Warriors surf camp, a group that takes war veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq surfing.

Mini-Simms/kneeboard/fish/boogie board and shortboard revolution influences.

Fins handmade by John Cherry.

John has been making crafty surfboards since the 70’s.

Bobby Donnelly is John’s shaping protege. Bobby is an E.O.D. tech in the military. He now has an artificial leg which makes surfing his traditional surfboards difficult.

Bobby’s new bionic limb.

Betty, Bobby and John at the Wounded Warriors Surf Camp in Del Mar, CA. Photo via Taped Off.
Resin tint by Gary Stuber. Glass job donated by Moonlight Glassing. Deck pad donated by King’s Paddle Sports.
More info about building this board on John Cherry’s blog.
NBC news clip about Wounded Warriors Surf Camp.

“Mommy shaped my board”

Surfer/mommy Valarie Duprant shaping her son his first surfboard.

Valerie in her shaper pajamas.

Valerie now in a paper suit using Moonlight’s side lights in the handsanding room to tune it up (very rare opportunity).

Valerie and her cute little daughter picking up the finished board at Moonlight Glassing.

We special ordered these rubber lined safety grom fins.

Waxing the frog board at home.

Valerie’s son’s first ride on a fiberglass board instead of a soft board.

Valerie’s husband Vincent gives the Frog board a test.
Read Valerie’s full blog post about this board on Eat, Surf, Love

Sign of Good Times Ahead

Surfy Surfy Surf Shop celebrates it’s 6 month anniversary with the installation of our new sign. The letters were individually handcarved by shop co-founder Jon Pankopf. We repeat, these are handcarved letters, they were NOT milled on a cnc machine.
All summer long Jon painstakingly carved, whittled, sanded and coated all 10 solid wood letters until his fingers were bloody, his back hurt and his nose clogged.

The effort was well worth it and we are super stoked. We hope you will come down and check it out in person.
Thanks to surfers Mitch and Marty Talcove of Exotic Hardwoods