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Classic New 7’2″ Campbell Bros Bonzer3

Our only stock Campbell Brothers Bonzer surfboard this week, a fine 7’2″ Russ Short pintail model with iconic 3 fin Bonzer setup. A favorite of citizens of the Surfy’verse.
7’2″ x 20 1/4″ x 2 1/4″
Glassed 6/6oz so you can hurl yourself over the ledge with confidence and gusto. 
Clean resin tint by Gary Stuber at the Moonlight/Christenson surfboard factory.
Wetsanded gloss finish (sealed with gloss resin but not polished).
Shown here with our 7″ Surfy branded Bonzer center fin,
made by Fins Unlimited in Encinitas, CA
Interested in owning this surfboard?
text or call us 760-452-7687
purchase direct online: clicky clicky 
We also sell our Bonzer center fins online:
7″ Clear Bonzer center fin
6.5″ Clear Bonzer center fin

11-21-14 Russ Short model Bonzer3’s

Stock Bonzer Alert:
We have two, and only two Russ Short model roundpins at the shop.
Classic Bonzer3 setup. Shaped by Malcolm Campbell.
Built at Moonlight Glassing. Volan deck patch. Rare Bonzer UFO/Pyramid logos. 
Contact or 760-452-7687
or view online:

6’10 X 20 3/8 X 2 3/4

6’8 X 20 1/4 X 2 11/16

This Surfboard is a 6’6″ Campbell Bros Bonzer3 Russ Short Model Pintail

6’6″ x 20 1/4″ x 2 5/8
A staple of the Surfy’verse, this modernized replica of the 1977 Russ Short  model Campbell Brothers Bonzer is still relevant for your surfing needs.
Get over the ledge and drive deep and hard into sections, connect the dots and carve it up my friend.
No flippy flappy butt wiggling allowed.
Available via our fancy online store: clicky clicky
or call/text 760-452-7687
or email
or come into the brick & mortar shop in Leucadia, CA and check it out in person.
*UPDATE: this board is SOLD, thanks!

It’s purple!

The surf is big and glassy here in Southern California.
That means one of you 5,331 Instagramers or 4,905 Facebookers needs to buy this used 7′ Russ Short 3 fin Bonzer and live the dream.
7′ x 21″ x 2 3/4″
Deck B- condition. Bottom A- condition.
It’s purple!
*now available via the online store: clicky clicky  
**UPDATE, this board is SOLD,thanks!