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AB3 on your TV

I smell soft news!

Shawn Ambrose chills out at the AB3 while the news scroll of fear speeds by underneath.

A face made for radio?

Scratching the SURFace is a nice local show about the San Diego county surf scene but their logo is “a music video nightmare”.

Check it out bros, I was totally on tv (and your internet machine). Dusty Skellet from the show Scratching the SURFace (get it?) came to last month’s Anything But 3 event and did a little deal on it. I’m not embedding the video here because it is on auto-play so you can watch it on or on the San Diego 6 website, click here.

Thanks to Dusty Skellet for taking the time to come to AB3 and produce this segment

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Be internet bros with the Surfers Journal

The Surfer’s Journal has started a Facebook page.
Now you can poke them, find out what kind of Muppet and Star Wars character they are and invite them to parties and events! As I post this they have 912 friends.

You may have noticed the Surfers Journal banner ad above the Surfy Surfy logo. That is because I am part of the new TSJ affiliate program where if you, the humble Surfy Surfy visitor, decides to click the banner and be whisked away to the Surfers Journal website and then after a few beers decide to buy something from their online store then I get a small (and I mean small) commission. It’s a win win for everyone!

*note-The Journal is my first advertiser. I’ve had many ad offers over the past couple of years but never felt right about putting banners on Surfy Surfy. Since I sincerely love the Surfers Journal I am stoked about this partnership. I hope you don’t mind. If it bothers you please let me know.
JP St Pierre

World famous actress Tia Carrere reads TSJ


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101 Bamboo Fins in Surfing Magazine

The Jan 2009 Surfing Magazine,

features this 2 page spread of Taylor Knox,

and a nice view of Taylor’s bamboo fins (handmade for the Lokbox system by Marlin Bacon).

37 year old Taylor Knox carving it up.

In the same issue, 101 Fins for Lokbox is included on a full page fin roundup.

It’s nice to see Marlin’s handmade performance bamboo fins next to all the mass produced composite techie fins.

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101 Fin Co.