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Jimi and Friends

In 1994 my airbrusher Dad, Peter St Pierre collaborated with surfer Rob Machado, shaper Al Merrick, photographer Mike Balzar and the ghost of Jimi Hendrix to create an image which became a cover of Surfing Magazine.
I was flipping through some back issues the other day and found this little postage stamp sized photo in another issue of Surfing where they identified my Dad Peter as “Paul”.
So, way to go “Paul”!

Multifin surfboards are here to stay

A mysterious gent named Red Bear sent me this Sunset Surfboards ad from 1983 that ran in Breakout Magazine featuring a young Mark McNaught getting slotted.
Note that Moonlight’s address is the same but with a zip code changed. Listed is a different from now phone number from when the 619 prefix covered north San Diego county.
I like that the tri-fin has a center box and that the quad has four fin boxes, most likely the Freestyle fin system.
The black rail quad has 6 logos on the bottom!
I love the outlines on those boards and of course, the flashy airbrushes.

Surfy Town

The new issue of Surfer magazine has a feature listing the Top 10 America Surf Towns (magazines love to make list),

My hometown of Encinitas was ranked third best in the entire country. (Technically, I am from Leucadia which is the northern coastal part of Encinitas which is made up of 5 distinct communities: Leucadia, Old Encinitas, New Encinitas, Olivenhain and Cardiff-by-the-sea).

Surfer magazine sez that all the California beach towns are “surfy” but that Encinitas is extra surfy. I guess that is why Leucadia is home to Surfy Surfy. We are so surfy we say it twice. There may be a place out there that is so insanely Surfy that it is Surfy to the third power. Surfy Surfy Surfy.

Dang, the median home price is $900k? Living surfy ain’t cheap. Hot tip, you can buy a mobile home in Encinitas 1/2 block from the beach for $150k. Now that’s surfy!

An uncrowded winter day at Swami’s in Encinitas, CA. Come join the fun! Photo by kbaird.

AB3 on your TV

I smell soft news!

Shawn Ambrose chills out at the AB3 while the news scroll of fear speeds by underneath.

A face made for radio?

Scratching the SURFace is a nice local show about the San Diego county surf scene but their logo is “a music video nightmare”.

Check it out bros, I was totally on tv (and your internet machine). Dusty Skellet from the show Scratching the SURFace (get it?) came to last month’s Anything But 3 event and did a little deal on it. I’m not embedding the video here because it is on auto-play so you can watch it on or on the San Diego 6 website, click here.

Thanks to Dusty Skellet for taking the time to come to AB3 and produce this segment