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New Jet Age Pod

The Pod is a great all around user friendly surfboard handshaped by Malcolm Campbell.

Airbrushed and pinlined to perfection by Peter St. Pierre.

The Bonzer 5 fin setup looking classy.

The Pod’s nose is more pulled in than an egg so you can surf more critical waves.

Be mindful in the water and out.

We like to do the drill thru box loop on our Bonzers. Note that Malcolm writes “peace” on every Bonzer he shapes (and means it).

Dale Webster approved!

The Jet Age 5 fin Bonzer Pod is:

6’4″ length
14 3/4″ nose
20 3/34″ width
15″ tail
2 3/4″ thickness

Interested parties please e-mail Sally at the shop for prices and shipping info.
Bonzer Hotline 760-891-0919
Moonlight Glassing 760-942-3319

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New Bonzer5 Pods for Sale

We’ve got a nice pair of fresh Bonzer 5 fin Pods in stock at the shop,

Naturally these boards are authentic Bonzers handshaped by Malcolm Campbell himself.

Left Pod: 6’0″ length-20 5/8″ width-2 9/16″ thickness
Two tone gold airbrush by Peter St Pierre
Glassing: 6/4 deck with 5 oz bottom. Glass-on bamboo siderunners. Gloss and polished.
Right Pod: 6’1″ length-20 5/8″ width-2 11/15″ thickness
Slate gray bottom airbrush with abstract color deck paint by Peter St Pierre.
Glassing: 6/4 deck with 5 oz bottom.
Both boards shaped out of US Blanks.

The bamboo siderunners are handmade by Marlin Bacon of 101 Fin Co. They are light, strong and look snazzy.

These boards have the new/old jet age Moonlight logo.

Be Mindful…

Moon Kitty approved!
Both boards are SOLD, thanks!

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