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Surfy Surfy Surfboards !!!

The new improved surfboard showroom at Surfy Surfy. Yew!

Christine arranging out new surfboard wall.
Gabby Gabby has 5 jobs and is a college student but she makes time to work at Surfy Surfy.

The new surfboard rack as seen from the coffee coffee patio.

Meanwhile out at the factory Skinny Dave emerges from the newly combined Christenson & Moonlight.

Peter St Pierre surveys all the longboards he must pinline. How many feet of masking tape will this require?

Modern shred machines by Chris Christenson and crew.

A Surfy Surfy custom Bonzer in the airbrush room.

Cruise down to Surfy Surfy and check out some boards!

Eric Scores a Beauty

When we first opened up Surfy Surfy in May of 2010 we stocked a small run of Moonlight Glassing built Channel Islands surfboards. This 6’3″ Black Beauty Tom Curren model got a lot of love and attention, but went unsold. I would find myself putting this board under my arm constantly. I wanted it for myself, but didn’t pull the trigger because I was trying to avoid the whole ‘I’m turning 40 and now I need a Tom Curren surfboard because he was my hero in the 1980’s’ thing. Eventually I gave in and took the board home where it sat in the corner of the bedroom unridden waiting for “the right day”.

Frequent visitor to the shop Eric Smith cruised in one day wanting to pick up the 6’3″ Black Beauty for his upcoming trip to Nicaragua. I explained to him that I had decided to keep it for myself and we went over some other options in the rack.

Nothing was quite right and I could tell Eric really wanted the BB so I thought, screw it man, I can’t be some kind of selfish board hoarder. So I ran out of the shop and up the hill to my house, burst in past my wife and kids, grabbed the board and ran back to the shop (longtime friends know that there is nothing on earth I despise more than running. My god joggers, what is wrong with you?)

Catching my breath, Eric and I cleaned off the dirty fingerprints and my kid’s chalk drawings that covered the board. Out the door and off to Nicaragua Eric went.

I was kinda stressy about letting the board go, but today Eric emailed this shot of himself getting slotted on a nice one.

Good call. I’m stoked!

–JP St Pierre

6’3″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
4/4 oz glassing. Crisp black band airbrushed onto hotcoat, not foam, sealed up with wetsanded gloss-coat.