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Jack Coleman+Mollusk+Ford Archbold+Gary Hanel=Weird Science

Mollusk Surf Shop produced this video Super 8 film by Jack Coleman, featuring pro surf guy Ford Archbold visiting Gary Hanel’s shaping shack in deepest, darkest Leucadia, California.
Cameo appearances by GH’s grandson Carson (guitar shirt) and my 3 year old son Daxton (stripey sweater).
For shorter attention spans here is the surfing only version: .
Ford is test driving a 5 fin GH bonzer Pill (or Pillzer) in the clip, hey that’s what I ride!: clicky

Surfy Shapers on Surfline

Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in located in Leucadia, California, which is the north section of the city of Encinitas. When we launched this blog in 2005, part of our goal was to spread the word to the global internet surf community about our talented local shapers shaping and surfing in Encinitas.

Now that we are all connected by blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the term “local shaper” no longer means what it did 20 years ago. Now we all can order, shape and ship each other surfboads coast to coast and continent to continent.

That said, regional shapers are influenced by the communities in which they live and certain areas become hubs of surfboard building. Encinitas enjoys a long history of influential shapers and surfboard companies. This Surfline feature touches on a few long time local shapers and a few accepted transplants. Several shapers profiled are in regular rotation in the Surfy-verse.

Surfline Shaper’s Alley: Encinitas >>> clicky to visit