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Greg Long’s Winter 2012/13 Power Quiver & Cortes Bank Mission Roundup

Shapes by Chris Christenson. Quiver and surf photo swiped from Facebook.
Nice Surfer Mag gallery of the Cortes Bank swell: clicky
Statement #1 from Greg Long regarding his near death experience, via Surfing Mag: clicky 
Statement #2: clicky 
Statement from Garret McNamara via Surfline: clicky

Surfline feature on the 12-21-12 “Apocalypse Swell”: clicky

Hynson 7’6″

This thing is pretty rad. 7’6″ classic single fin gun shaped by super guru/legend Mike Hynson. Circa mid 1990’s. This board features Hynson’s iconic hard down rails.
Nice red resin tint, no glass shop logo. Signed by Mike in pen on the hot coat (under the gloss coat).
Glass-on single 9 1/4″ single fin with 5 1/4″ base.
7’6″ length x 20 3/8″ at the wide point forward x 2 7/8″ thickness
Mild deck denting, it’s been ridden!
This board hung on the wall of the Longboard Grotto for a couple of years, now it’s back in our clutches.
You should totally buy it and hang it on a 10 ft glassy wall somewhere…
$550 (special bro pricing because we don’t do the elitist collector thing).
UPDATE: this board is SOLD, thanks!